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Knowing one’s self-worth is pivotal in how we treat ourselves and how we allow others to treat us. If we are taught that we are worth-less, we open the door to many different forms of abuse whether it’s in a personal setting or a sporting environment. Not upsetting the antiquated cultural norms perpetuated by authority figures, often keeps girls in a “learned helplessness” state of mind. Speaking up or standing up for themselves can be daunting if a robust infrastructure of support is not in place.

“These feelings of worthiness, assurance and proficiency can influence a person’s life in regard to personal aspirations, motivation, achievement potential and relationships” (Melpomene Institute, 1996). 


We know that when girls are involved in sports, it can be the conduit to promote a positive view of self and instil values that protect them against negative influences on and off the field of play. How kids are coached, particularly girls is the driving force of this project.


We have some MAJOR news to announce in the very near future! If you want the inside scoop or you want to help with the planting and cultivation, please contact Merrick Palmer or Fabienne Blizzard

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